Resolving Disputes

By the time a dispute goes to a tribunal, people have often spent a lot of time, energy, and money on a situation that will not necessarily end up the way they had hoped. The materials on this page will help you deal with a dispute before it gets to the point where a tribunal hearing is necessary. If your matter is already going to a tribunal, this information will help you understand your approach to the dispute and make the hearing go smoother.

These videos and PDFs were created by the Justice Education Society and provide general information only. Refer to the Hospital Act or its Regulation, the Administrative Tribunals Act, and the HAB Rules for more specific information.

Choosing a Dispute Resolution Option:
Find out about mediation and other ways to resolve disputes. Read the PDF.

Understanding Disputes:
Here’s what’s really going on behind most disputes. Read the PDF.

Preparing for a Tough Talk:
Find out how to prepare for a difficult conversation to settle a dispute. Read the PDF.

Negotiating a Solution:
You’ve prepared for your tough talk, now you’re ready for the next step: negotiation. Read the PDF.